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Applicants on Advant must have at least two years of professional experience. We personally vet each candidate to ensure quality work.

Manage legal, taxes, timeline, hours, and payments all on one easy place. Collaborate with developers and other team members from the app.

Search our network of developers for free. Hire contractors hourly for flexibility, or hire full-time if you want a permanent team member.

“We needed to increase sales performance, but had no idea how to do it. We found a sales coordinator on Advant, which otherwise would have been expensive and taken 3 months of interviewing."

- Felix, Marketer at Food For You

Experienced consultants who achieve your business expectations

Valeria González

Lean Projects

Costs Optimization

Experienced Sales and Costs management

8 years experience

$ 78.00 / hour

Rogelio Leal

Risks Management


Conflict and Risk Expert

24 years experience

$ 130.00 / hour

Héctor Walls



Market B2B

Product Leader in B2B and B2C

6 years experience

$ 65.00 / hour

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Signing up and searching contractors on Advant is free. Once you hire someone, Advant processes payments and adds a 15% fee.

Each week you’ll get an invoice to approve. If there’s a problem, you can dispute the work. Cancel or switch contractors at any time.

No risk

Hire on-demand

Post a project and get applications immediately. Most projects get enough applications to make a hiring decision within a day.

Hire full-time employees

The marketplace is free until you close a hire. When a candidate joins your team, Advant charges a flat fee of $3,000.

Flat-rate pricing

Trial period

Skip the test project, and try building something together. Hire any candidate on a contract basis before making a full-time offer.

Identify candidates who are passionate about your goals. Advant screens for proactive developers looking for a challenge.

Focused hiring

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